Welcome to my little part of the web. Skankgame.com, home of the miniatures skirmish game "2085 Warlords of the Wasteland". A project initially conceived in dissatisfaction of the way things were, a project that will hopefully evolve into a do-it-yourself resource for gamers and non-gamers alike.  If you're a modern or post/apocalyptic minaitures gamer, artist, or just a fan of the genre, you'll find useful things here.

Committed to the proposition that you should always get the most bang for your gaming buck, I offer you a 25-28mm skirmish game for free download. Throughout this site, you'll find information about how you can get more for less, or if you're gonna spend the money, how to get the best for the price.

Unless otherwise noted, all content of this site is copyright 2006 skankgame.com.  All contributing authors or artists retain full copyright of their own works.

Here are the website's sections:

Home - This page will be updated with new additions as they are put up on the site.

Downloads - where you can download the game itself, and other items in the future.

Galleries - Game Pics, Post-Apocalyptic art, etc.

Articles - On a variety of topics from stretching your gaming dollar, to modelling, to the Post-Apocalyptic genre itself, to you name it.

Cinema - A review of tons of Post-Apocalyptic movies with commentary on how they might make a good game premise or scenario.

Links - Your jumping-off point to a bunch of gaming and non-gaming sites related to this genre. Looking for inspiration, miniatures, or more info? This is the place to start.

Have Fun!

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Added modelling guides for creating an urban game table covering, how to paint a running rust effect, how to make pre-fab shanties, and how to make multi-story high-rise buildings cheaply in scale.
Also  article on Survivalists and Post-Nuke online comic link. 


A whole new section has been added!  See the link for "Zombietown" right below the nav panel?  That's the link to a game I run around Halloween time every year.  It will give you a full breakdown on all of our urban buildings and how they were made.  A virtual treasure-trove of more advanced modelling techniques!   This link is also will also be available through the articles section.

To be added next:  More galleries pics of minis and models, and a new issue of the web comic, where you get to see how the world ends in my campaign.  Too much fun to be tolerated!


More Miniatures Pics have been added to the gallery, as well as some Digital art pieces. 

As promised, I'm launching a new artistic endeavor - Digital artwork in the post-apocalyptic genre.  You may already have some exposure to it, as the artwork in my game was done exclusively with these methods. The first posted item along these lines will be some web comics.  A link has been added for those on the main nav area to the left. High Resolution versions of the covers are in the gallery.  Be sure to check 'em out.

Links have been updated and added

A second cinema review page has been added to include post-apocalyptic flicks I have seen but don't own in my personal collection.  This includes the long-awaited Planet of the Apes series review.  Also reviewed are Serenity, 1990: Bronx Warriors, Tank Girl, Spacehunter, and  Steel Dawn. 


Book 2 of the Web Comic is out!  If you wanna see the world end, check it out.  Now to work on Book 3!...


Book 3 of the Web Comic is finally out!  34 pages completing the "mutie girl" origin saga.
Next up is more info on miniatures painting and modelling!


A full miniatures painting tutorial series has been added.  There are three new articles available that show you how to paint miniatures from start to finish.  Now you get to learn a lot of my secrets!  Check out the Articles section now!


A new catch-all modelling page has been added - modelling Tips & Tricks, which contains several time- and money-saving articles.  Also, Chuck now has his own modelling page outlining his own particular style.  Check it out for many FALLOUT inspired buildings, vehicles, and miniatures.  In the Articles section now!


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Thundarr the Barbarian is out on DVD!   Now is the time to introduce the kids to a classic of cartoon history, some real adventure stories!   Available from Warner Archive!   After a long long wait, it's HERE