I t all started several years ago. This was the time of the 1st edition of a now world-known sci-fi miniatures game (which shall remain nameless).  New, special rules each month published in their magazine (which shall also remain nameless), you could only use their miniatures, and to boot, they were very restrictive concept-wise and didn’t do the things we wanted in a game. It was becoming really elitist and snobbish, and with a second or third look (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th editions) was becoming just another marketing machine that stifles creativity.

So we said the hell with it. We wanted a fast-play miniatures game that covers most aspects of 25 - 28mm modern or sci-fi miniatures combat so we could run the modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic skirmish scenarios we wanted to play. There were no new miniatures to buy, and we had plenty of cheap swap-meet figures from various lines to prod into battle.  We've used these rules for 8 years now, evolving them based on our own needs.

And we had a blast.

So here they are - the latest edition of the "Skank Game" rules (the working name), titled "2085 Warlords of the Wasteland". If you’re tired of a lot of hype and want to play a quick, fun, bloody 25mm early 20th century-to-sci-fi squad-level skirmish game for whatever genre - here it is. 

These rules are copyrighted. You may download, print and use these rules.  Attach them to emails to your buddies.  Copy them on to whatever media and give them away.  Photocopy the pages for your own use....  But you may not sell them or profit from them.  By all means have fun with them, because when it's all said and done, you'll be the one running the game and playing your own scenarios, not somebody else's.

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