Miniatures, etc by Welshbow.

This page is from one of my regular readers.   Many of the miniatures are from the Zombie-themed game LAST NIGHT ON EARTH.   It comes with plastic minis that paint up quite well.  The base-work is particularly noteworthy on many of the minis, adding a touch of a post-apocalyptic trashy abandoned look to the scene.   Welshbow has created a custom sheet of trash, posters, etc for this purpose.  You'll find it below.  Enjoy!

Blackburn's Brigade
Grant Ultimate
Kendra Ultimate
Mr. T Ultimate
Zombie Hunters
Click the link to the left. it is 1.5, so it may take a moment to load.  The graphic is 300 DPI, and should print the correct size on your home printer.  For best results, select the highest detail level possible.