This is really kind of an extra building that we use as "fill-in" if we have a bare spot.  It has the old abandoned bame store and a mysterious business known as "bottom line solutions".  We were slumming here in town, looking for inspiration for the next building, and came across this tiny office with closed blinds.   We do not know what kind of business it was.  There was no sign on the building, only the door.  No hours were posted. 

So we came up with this back story:  Bottom Line Solutions: you wire them the money and the target's name and other info.  3 eays later, you are faxed the Death Certificate.  That's it.   Fast, Efficient, and FINAL.

Bottom Line Solutions

The interior is very basic, with the floor consisting of printed out pictures pasted onto the plastic.  The desk is from the old Hero Clix accessories set.