Well, that's what Bullock, the town's resident survivalist, calls it anyway.  It's firmly in the "Ghetto Heights" district of Zombie Town.  It's also been hardened to the rafters, as you can tell.  A really great place to hole up when the balloon goes up or when the dead start a-walkin'!  

It was one of our first terrain pieces.  It's been around a long long time, has been through countless zombietown and post-apocalyptic games,  and is still sturdy.  The techniques demonstrated on it's various surfaces are the same we use now, though a bit rougher.  It was a bold pioneer in our own modelling, and is still servicable today.

Survivalist "Retreat"

The interior is what you'd expect - stocked full of supplies in preparation for God-only-knows-what.  It wasn't always this full of stuff.  Over the years, we've added items as they've come our way.  The tub is original.  You'll notice the ages-old nail polish that was used to simulate water.  The color was wrong- it looks like somebody peed in the tub.