Vinnie's Chemical Works is an homage piece to our friend Vince, whose recon-in-force website first documented some of our Zombietown Massacre games.  It really is a simple building from a modelling point of view, but I wanted to talk a litte bit about it as it has some really nice features.

The molded tin-plate roof was really well sculpted, so I decided to just really paint the hell out of it to make it really shine.  It was spray-painted with Testors Chrome and then Dull-Coated.  Then it was washed with black to make it a really dull metallic gray.  I then lined all the junctions with a wash of Poly Scale model railroad rust paint.  In a few places here and there, I got out the Windsor-Newton Peat Brown ink and lined those junctions just a little more to make the whole roof just "pop".  
The circular corrugated piece on the round tower was printed off on my printer.  It says "Try our new Baloney Juice - 25 year shelf life".  I think that pretty much says it all.

Vinnie's Chemicals

The bottom floor has more of the same.  All are painted with a kind of quickie rust technique:

Prime model with black

Dry-brush dark red brown

Dry-brush lighter with brown

Dry-brush edges with orange

Dry-brush extreme edges and worn spots with gunmetal or silver.

You're done!

The top floor features some resin industrial machines picked up at a swap meet.  There's also a small office here.