Here's the back-story:  Once upon a time, there was a southern Colonel by the name of Phineas T Beauregard.  One day, he got into a poker game with a friend of his.  He was winning, and he wanted to get the whole pot into his greasy hands.  So he put up his secret fried chicken recipe as a bet.  Well, his friend, one Colonel Harlan Sanders, who had up til now played rather poorly, drew an inside straight and the rest is history.  Old Phineas had to resort to a less-popular but greasier recipe for his own dump of a restaurant, and now he just barely scrapes by!

The shell on this building is foam core, with a styrene floor.  The roof is actually the roof from a bird feeder, dry-brushed with tans.   A party-favor chicken crowns this monstrosity, to add to the cheese factor.  Moving inside....

There was this short-lived chicken place out by Mike's house one time.  We went in there and it was practically abandoned, except for the spilled cokes and brown tile floor.  Somebody did a really shitty job of mopping and there was slippery grease smeared all over the floor.  Napkins and other trash were strewn here and there.  So you can see that the above is a homage piece to that experience.  The whitish-smeared stuff on the floor in the picture is actually glossy Mod-Podge that has been hastily brushed on.  It simulated the lousy-mopped grease perfectly.

Here is the "menu" that I graphicked together in my computer, printed out, and mounted on the wall above the counter.  You'll note that many fast food joints have this kind of setup, though maybe not this kind of menu.  Feel free to print it out and put it into your own models.  Think of it as a "Colonel Beauregard" franchise.

And what is a chicken place without greasy chicken bubbling away in vats of pure lard and other chemico-plastic substances?  NOT MUCH I SAY!

The vats were made of a peice of scrap Basswood with holes drilled into it.  Old nail polish was dripped into it, and tannish-white paint scrapings were added to simulate coagulated fat and chicken "parts".

The basket handles are bent paper clips.  Mangia!