As a tip-of-the-cap to our more politically-minded brethren, we created a building to house our little 'ville's  Activist Groups.  And what better name than this?  

The front of the building was primered seperately before it was put onto the brick panels, which were primed with a red-brown auto primer.   The buiding front was then lightly dry-brushed with a blackish-brown.  This is to simulate the dirt, soot, and general grime that accumulates on building faces over the years.

The Clinton-Gore Building

Sometimes the simplest techniques work the best.  The roll-up bay door and back door were painted a very light grey, then were dry-brushed rather heavily with blackish-brown.   Medium grays were painted in small swathes onto the bricks to simulate grafitti that has been painted over.  The lower part of the building was given a thorough brushing with black pastel chalks to make the building stand out from the road bed.

The bricks were dry-brushed with tans for the most part, and custom signage was created on my printer.

Grungy floors are a look you will need to master.  We use styrene sheet that has been pre-embossed in most of our projects.  They usually start off by being painted a light color and then are washed with some darker paint.

This will give a nice, uneven, nasty look.  To make it look even more dirty, wash it with a lighter color, such as light gray or tan.  This lighter color will run into the separations, simulating dust and dirt that has acccumulated there over the years.

Lastly, let this dry and dry-brush the surface ever so lightly and carefully with a darker color.  This is to simulate worn edges on tiles. 

Experiment with this,  You could dry-brush with a light color to lighten up what you've already done, or wash with a darker color to darken it down.  When it looks like the overall effect that you want, you're done.

The top floor features the "Rainbow Wedding Chapel", an organization that will marry "any and all entities", with some noteworthy exceptions.

The back wall is a huge light-up panel from miller engineering done up in the colors of a huge rainbow flag.

The rest of the place is done up in all sorts of tacky colors, and features bridal bouquets up the wazoo, which is pretty much what you'd expect from even the most traditional Las Vegas marital establishment.

The wires go to the outbuilding on the roof, which houses the battery pack and switch.

The middle floor is home to the "Save the Seeds" foundation, and is your standard-fare stylin' "concerned scientist" hangout.

Our resident "Mad" scientist Dr. Ted [last name withheld due to court order] has tried on occasion to join their organization, but they find him a bit too creepy even for their ranks.

Minimal terrain here, with a large variety of tactical options.

Of course, what would a satire-piece like this be without obeisance made to the local women's or other groups?

Not much.  So we invented L.A.M.E., the Lesbian Anti-Male Extremists, just to cover a few bases.

Again, not much detail here, but this offers up a wide variety of tactical options. We personally are simply not personally familiar enough with any of the above types of groups to have sufficient knowledge of the kinds of things they might have.  Maybe there'll be more detail in the future,  we'll have to make up some more stuff when a more satirical mood strikes us.