So what would a cheesy horror movie be without a sorority house full of screaming coeds?   So we made one: Delta Upsilon Mu, or the DUM house for short.  The shell is another Plasticville building in an architectural style similar to the area in which we live.  All of the previously mentioned techniques were used with this one, so let's intrude upon the young ladies' spaces and move indoors, shall we?

DUM Sorority House

This is the ground floor and 2nd floor of the split-level.  It's done up in girly colors and motifs.  This is actually the cleanest house in Zombietown.  Bits and pieces were used from old model RV kits, the folding chairs are from an old ERTL farm toys set.  Rugs can easily be cut out of newspaper ads and pasted directly onto the floor.  The TV is of course prominent, and though you can't see it, a picture of Paris Hilton, their founder, hangs over the mantle.  I think the cat was a Preisser pre-painted model railroad kitty picked out of a bits bin. 

Now we're not the types to indulge in clichés and stereotypes.... well.... then again we are actually.   In fact this whole town and it's residents are all a bunch of clichés and stereotypes, so what the hell.  We did up the room on the left in the most syrupy- sugary-sweet girly stuff we could find.  And that means unveiling that depraved agent of lucifer himself, Hello Kitty.
The slippers were easy: two small globs of green putty, stick a ballpoint pen towards the back end, paint pink and ink.

The youn lady in the opposite room adheres to a somewhat darker aesthetic.  It's a fairly obvious goth-girl room, complete with resin skull on the wardrobe, dark colors, and a small dragon statue on the dresser.  Metal magic tavern beds were used to round out both rooms. 

Lastly, it looks as if some enterprising young local has displayed that good-old-yankee ingenuity and entrepreneurship and has started his own business with this terrain feature.  Another small detail that will make your players laugh upon closer scrutiny!