Plasticville (once again) makes this wonderful "No-Tell Motel" kit, two of which are pictured above.  This is the Infamous J.R.'s other business in town, and has another lighted sign by Miller Engineering.   The exterior shell has been painted gaudy pinks , reds, and greens and black chalk has been used to simulate the moldy rot of the ghetto.

Here's an exercise in artistic observation and technique.  Some older buildings have roofs of plywood, tar-paper, and small stones.   This was simulated above.  The roofs are pieces of molded plastic, and have been spray-painted primer gray, then washed with black.  Then, in a reverse of the previous technique, the roof was wetted down with grungy water, and a wash of tan was dribbled onto the roof in random places.  The water already present on the roof made the drops leech out over a larger area, simulating pools of dust, dirt, and general grunge after many seasons of rainstorms.

The interiors are fairly spartan, including a few basics such as a chair, matress, etc.  Of course, we had to surf the net until we found copies of such artistic masterpieces as "Dogs Playing Poker" to put on the walls.  The matresses are made out of a sculptable foam product by Crayola, and have a wash of black with special emphasis on the middle to simulate mattresses that have been slept and crapped in for a thousand years.

If you use the light-up signs, you'll have to find a place for the battery pack and circuitry.  A small outbuilding was created to house and hide this properly.  Another small outbuilding was created for the crapper, above.  J.R.'s fees and rates board is also above.  Crookedness at work!