The inspiration for this one comes out of the first FALLOUT game - the Poseidon gas station in Junktown.  It doubled as the local hospital.  So I picked a shell that had a similar shape.  I wanted to be able to use it in my Post Apocalyptic games as well, doubling the value.  Once again, a concrete or stucco tiled exterior is present, so I carefully put a line of brown ink in each of the tile joints to make them really stand out.

Last Chance for Gas

Here's the interior.  The garage area was left rather plain as there are 2 die-cast cars that are usually housed here.  The "living area" is embellished with a dollhouse bed, model railroad bits. and printed out tile pieces pasted on to the floor to simulate old out-of-date linoleum.

The back needed a little bit of embellishment, so I did the old "Grafitti Patrol" trick. The back windows were huge and inappropriate, so I boarded them up with popsicle stick pieces, washed with black paint.

Here's a more close-up picture of the living areas.  Oh God... what's that room on the lower right....?

Oh no.... I wonder why they call this the "Last Chance for Gas".....

UNHOLY SPAWN OF LUCIFER!!!!!   Somebody must've just EXPLODED in here!!

Yes, this is modelled after an ACTUAL TOILET!

It was years ago, a bunch of us were leaving the L.A. Basin headed home from Orccon 20.  We had eaten an early breakfast and had just gotten over the mountains.  We were in this little town called Delano...

Anyway, we all had to go REALLY BAD.  So we stop at this gas station, and the toilet had no door.  Bad sign.   Then we went in.   There was this .... object.... in the corner, covered in muck and filth.  The mirror was ripped off the wall... and...well... there was a 1 inch deep puddle of urine right in the middle and.... OH GOD.... I can't go on.  Lose 2 sanity points.

After BUYING a roll of paper towels (for an obvious use) from a clerk who spoke no English (I had to use hand gestures to describe what I was wanting to buy) We did our duty and left quick!