One of the nicest, most popular sets Plasticville makes is the Hobo Jungle.  You get several home-built looking shacks that put together well and paint up well also.   The shells on these were spray painted with Krylon Ultra-Flat black and dry-brushed through several shades of tan (or other colors) to get the look of wood, etc.  Interest was added by painting several smaller parts, planks, and patches their various colors and inking and/or chalking them.  The buiding, below, that's at the left is a resin one picked up at a 'Con.  It is not part of the boxed set.

These little gems have made apperances both in Zombietown and in a wide variety of our Post-Apocalyptic and Ultramodern games.  They are the premier "Character Actors" of the game tables!

Hobo Jungle

I love the roofs on these!  They are all molded plasic pieces.  Here's how they were painted:

1) The tar paper was re-painted black after the wood was dry-brushed.  Then, the tar paper was painted with a medum to light gray.   Finally, the rocks were painted a very light gray, and inked with a brownish ink.  This gives the impression of old tar paper added to a shoddy roof, with rocks placed on it to keep the wind from blowing it off.

2) A cobbled-together sheet metal roof.  The whole thing was painted a lighter gun metal color.  Then, the topmost pices were painted in a very dark steel color.  Ferrous metals frequently turn dark (if they do not completely rust out) when exposed to the elements.  The entire roof was then inked with Windsor-Newton Peat Brown ink.

3) This one is basically a blue tarp with debris thrown on top to keep the wind from blowing it away.  The blue was dry-brushed on rather heavily.  The debris was painted seperately and inked.

4) TAR PAPER!   Yeahhh!!!!   The entire roof was primed in Krylon Ultra Flat Black, then dry-bushed dark gray.  Khaki-colored paint was then watered town and the roof was washed with this, to simulate years of dirt and dust that has accumulated in the joins of the tar paper.

On to the Roofs.....!