Ah, yes the legendary Chinese Restaurant of Zombie Town, home of the cooking of the legendary Cindy Wong.  A spirited girl, she's known not only for the fire that is used in her kitchen, but also for  masterful technique in the martial arts.   She's also the girlfriend of the town survivalist, so don't go gettin' any ideas!   Probably the only place in town where you won't eat and get the runs.  The building face with many panels, requiring brown ink lining. 

Want to make some interesting windows?  These were made from cut sections of miniature blister pack.  Use an x-acto knife to drill small holes where you want them, then scratch out a circular "bullseye" pattern.  Wash this small section with white paint.  You may now install your bullet-holed window.  If you want clear windows, install them after you have sprayed the building with flat lacquer and use epoxy glue.  If you want really dirty windows, install first and then spray the building.

The signs were made by printing them out on my home printer.  Affixing signs is always the ABSOLUTE LAST STEP in creating a building.  If you spray clear lacquer onto a printed sign, the ink will run and it will be ruined.

The Jade Dragon and Mike's Books

Mike found these wonderful hologram stickers at the local market.  They were placed on a few spots on the building to simulate some really tacky plexiglass signage features that is sometimes in evidence at local mom-n-pop places. 

The rear of the building is fairly plain, but has been weathered and a piece of trash added for interest.  Ususlaly we put small dumpsters and other dereliction behind our buildings.  More on that later.

This being a semi-traditional establishment, the interior was done in the traditional way: mostly model railroad bits.

The walls feature cutouts that were printed at home, and the floor was left relatively clean.  The inside walls were added as the earliest stage in the modelling.  They are styrene plastic sheet pieces glued onto the walls and floor with super glue.   After the glue had dried, the entire building was primed.  Testors military flats work well for this as they are smooth.

Some of the bookshelves in Mike's Books are old Hero Clix accessories.  They used to make a fine line of extra bits for Hero Clix, but don't anymore. 

Ha!  What do they know!  Imagine playing Hero Clix with OUR SETUP!!!   I can just picture Batman on the corner of one of our buildings, waiting to pounce!