KRAP Radio was an earlier piece.  It features many of the techniques we've already outlined here.  The most noteworthy aspect of this small plasticville kit is the clear glass doors.  If you have any clear plastic that needs to STAY clear, install this piece after you have sprayed your building with clear lacquer.  If the door should be dirty, then don't worry about it.

KRAP Radio Station

Here's the interior.  Sometimes keeping it simple is best.  Not very many tactical options here.  Maybe defend the door to the booth, or use the place to hide.  You could probably move the receptionist's desk to barricade the door.  The enemy will probably be able to crash though that eventually though.

It's basically just a vehicle for a small comedy skit.  In our best radio-announcer voice, we'll announce the "Smooth Stylings" of ... and then fill in some outrageous song, which we play at the game.  It usually ends up being "Masura", the Mothra theme, as sung by the two little chicks in the movies.  The groans and looks on peoples faces make it worth it.