The Loaf and Jug was an actual market in my area.  It was a sad day when it went out of business. It had all the necessities any apartment dweller could want, and a good selection of porno mags to boot!   Every 'ville needs a mini mart, so I figured, why not.....     Again, a Plasticville shell.  This one was a bit out of scale, so I had to cut the storefront down a bit so that the doors were more in scale.  Whenever you have a large glassed-in area, DO NOT spray flat on it!  Glue it onto the completed model LAST.

The window decor was simple - just take some shapshots of actual mini market windows, reduce, and print.  You might want to be a bit on the sly side when you do this, as you don't want 'em thinking that you're casing their store for a robbery.  Or, you could just ask the owner's permission if you're ballsy.   If anyone ever asks you "Why are you taking a picture...?" just tell them "Oh, I build model railroads, and I wanted to make this for mine...".  Works every time.  Don't mention gaming or any other such unsavory activities.  They won't know what you're talking about and you'll only arouse their suspicion.

More racks with the same print-out method used.....

The interior food racks used a very expedient method:  The racks themselves were made out of card (sheet styrene would work too) and printed-out pictures of actual merchandise was pasted inside.  Beats the hell out of doing it all in actual miniatures!


The counter MUST have a rack of cigarettes for sale.  Again, just take a photo of a rack of cigarettes and paste it on the wall.

Good enough for Government Work!!