This is another REALLY old building. The shell is a farm supply store model from ERTL farm toys.  I occcasionally find them on eBay.   It was done before we hit on our current techniques for weathering buildings.  The building itself was primered in a red-bown auto primer and oversprayed with a touch of black.  Then, the ENTIRE STRUCTURE was dry-brushed brown, then red-brown, then red, then orange and finally silver.  Whew!  what a chore!   The whole thing was mounted onto a piece of plexiglass scrap for added strength.  A good thing too, I don't think a building of this size would do well even with our current mounting techniques.   Posters were reduced and copied from an old game book (some of you may know which one). 

 Once the posters are mounted, give 'em a quick brushing  with a brownish pastel chalk, this will make them look old and crappy.

Machine Shop

The interior was kept relatively empty, as various vehicle models and other bits were to be housed here during games.  We embellished the walls with oxygen bottles the old drill press from the farm toy, etc.