Yin and Yang must balance out, or your terrain setup will become sickly and will die.  Since we have explored the female principle of Yin via the DUM house, we must now devote energies to the maintenance of the male principle of Yang, lest our game run out of Chi and wither.

To which end we made the mad scientists house, the home of Ted [last name deleted due to court order] another real person somehere out there, albeit to an exagerrated degree.  Y'see, he was born with a great gift for science, but he doesn't have much experience with <ahem> "the ladies" so to speak.   Not that he doesn't try.  He's just a REALLY nerdy dude that has a bunch of habits that make the girls scream and run for the hills.  So what is he up to?   Well, since the outside of this Plasicville shell is fairly standard, let's intrude on HIS space a little and see....

Mad Scientists House

The lower floor is very basic.  Typical Bachelor pad: dingy, dirty, could definitely use a woman's touch.  Trekkie pictures on the walls.  OD green fridge was from an old RV kit.  The TV was a small resin dollhouse prop.

Moving upstairs, you can see a huge E.O.S. Banner, another inside joke of ours.  It stands for "Eternal Order of Star Jouneyers",  which was a fake organization that was marketed to kids via comic books in the 70's.  Send $3 to become a member, get some phony props, and, presumably, a spot on the 1st available rocket ship outta here.  I guess it was meant to appeal to the "stop the world, I wanna get off" crowd.

Looks like he's crowded his garage full of electronics crap, so he's had to move the lab upstairs.... OH HO!  So this is what the sly monster has been up to.... building himself an android!   The floor on this part was a masterpiece.  Lots of wet dingy-water washes dribbled with rust colored pastel chalks.  It was then dull-coat sprayed and the props were put on last.

Hey, that android shell looks kinda familiar....   It is the Terminator endo from Micro Machines, fished out of the bits bin.

At last the sad truth is revealed, shining a harsh cold light into the depths of his madness.!!!   Unable to get a date for the last several years, he has decided to BUILD himself a date!   You can see what he's going for via the blueprint he's tacked up on his wall.

Slight problem though, if he's used the specs that he has, as evidenced by the shell on the table, this little girl of his might give him a bit more trouble than he's accustomed to.  Oh well, typical girlfriend then.