Its really nothing but a basic Plasticville building shell done up fairly well,but for some odd reason Neil's Guns turns into THE preferred destination for many of the players when the dead start a-walking.  Maybe I'm just weird, but I have this sneaking suspicion that it might be that there are implements of self-defense in the place that people just get this irrational desire for when danger stalks the land.  Can't we just all get along, without having to resort so some sort of VIOLENT DEFENSE when flesh-eaters start roaming the streets?  Couldn't we just work out our philosophical differences with the use of reason and diplomacy?   Well, NO, to be quite honest.  You can't bargain with single-minded monsters.

Neil's Gun Shop and Tim's Electronics

Once again, a fairly plain back alley where weathering makes all the difference.... 

Boy, I love the little computers, let me tell you.  I picked up a PILE of them decades ago at the old Pacificon at the old Dunfey Hotel in San Mateo.  When gamers die and go to heaven, they have can stay at the Dunfey Hotel.  Long live the old Dunfey!

They're Commodore computers of course, as per the sign in the window. Various other equipment is  for sale at Tim's electronics, most of which were sci-fi bits fished out of various bits bins.

Neil's guns is a hairy-chested gun nut's dream. Racks and racks and RACKS of guns, posters of warrior betties,  John Wayne Pics, and even a target of everyone's favorite target: Osama!

The various guns come from 1/48th scale WWII plastic model accessory sets.  Some were cut down to make them more "to scale", some were left "stock".  All were painted with a dark steel color and then inked with Windsor-Newton Peat Brown ink to give them contrast. The rack is a simple larger-scale girder painted brown.