The local town movie theater is quite a prize.  Out of a Cracker Jack box!   Mike once took a date to the Rialto in Aransas Pass, TX and saw "The Born Losers", which was the first appearance of Billy Jack no less.  Per his report, it was his one and only date with this girl, no doubt due to the cinematic quality of the "epic" being shown there.

If you decide to build yourself a movie house, you can make it a regular theater or XXX or what have you by simply changing the marquee.  The Marquee is just a printed out piece of paper blue-tacked on to the sign.  Movie posters were printed out and mounted in the front window.  This shell was actually a retail store, so it had to be slightly altered to give that genuine movie-theater feel.

The Rialto Theater

The front and back shots show the windows that needed to be boarded up or otherwise covered.  This was done with popsicle sticks and printed out posters.  The shell was primered in a red-brown auto primer and dry-brushed with tans.  The "Graffitti Patrol" technique was applied to the base and the bottom area was chalked with black pastel.  The point was to give the look of a former store that was cheaply converted into a theater.

This roof was rather plain fresh out of the box.  I then cut out multiple squares of tissue paper and paper towels.  I used very little glue to glue them onto the styrene sheet: just enough to keep them from blowing away in the next step.  Then I got out my trusty old Krylon Ultra-Flat black and sprayed the whole thing rather heavily.  You want the spray paint to fully saturate the paper towel pieces.  The thing took several days to dry.  I had to give it a second coat to make the stuff really adhere to the plastic.

Once it is FULLY dry and cured, dry brush it in darker grays and give it a final light dry-brushing of a medium-to-light gray color.  Then the whole thing was sprayed with Dull-Cote. 

Here's a closeup of the box office area.

Again, really simple: printed out movie posters, and a marquee that was just blue-tacked on to the signage.  You can change it to house any movie you want.  Maybe Rocky Horror, maybe ZOMBIETOWN MASSACRE!!!!

The interior seats come molded in long strips.  They are model railroad passenger car seats, and are fairly inexpensive.  I used a Dremel tool to rough them up a bit. to show where teenage punks have cut up the seats and spilled popcorn everywhere.  The "floor" to the left is raised slightly - it is the projectionist's booth.  Roof access is available through here in the game.

I wonder what's actually playing?

OH MAN!   2020 Texas Gladiators AGAIN....!