This is one of my favorietes.  It has a lot of detail.  The front facade has tiles molded onto the surface, so to get that 1960's storefront look, I painted a few tiles different colors.  I used my trusty Dremel Motor-Tool to fray the edges of the overhangs to give them that lived-in look.  The signs were made in a graphics program and printed out on my printer.  Remember: mounting signage on your buildings is the ABSOLUTE LAST STEP.

Skank Records and Health Services Office

The interior was pretty much a pain in the ass, modelling wise.  Not what you wanted to hear, eh?  Well sometimes it's like that.  If you want to make something impressive, sometimes you just have to do a lot of tedious work.  Anyway...
The CD racks were made from card, painted silver.  The CD's themselves were a lot of work.  I went to a lot of music sites and copied the album covers into a folder.  Then I placed all the little graphics onto a page, reduced them to scale, and printed the whole thing out.  Then I cut out all the little "CD's" and placed them into the racks.  The posters on the walls  -  same thing.  Whew!   But BOY WAS IT WORTH IT!

The DHS office is pretty plain by comparison, but is what you'd expect from a government office: A desk, files, a really basic computer worksation, and a pot of STRONG coffee!  The inhabitant is one Bill Johnson, Zombie Abatement Officer grade III, who in the course of his duties has been known to eliminate zombies by dropping the entire California Code of Regulations on them.  Needless to say, there ain't much left!   He is currently passing out the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, an amusing bit of comedy (or so the government would want you to believe!) that will tell you how to survive a zombie outbreak.

Here's a closeup of the interior again.  Lots of work but worth it.

It's always fun to use shrunken posters from various sources throughout your town.  Here's one from my own misspent youth as a music lover.

Ah, memories.