Mike named this one, as an Homage piece to his dad.  It is to honor him for all the endless childhood hours spent being forced to pick weeds from the garden.  Back-breaking work that "Americans Just Won't Do", ya know.

But anyway.....

Farmer Jim's Veggie Stand

Uh, yeah, It's a roof.  Sooner or later, you will have to simulate good old fashioned TAR PAPER that occurs oh-so-frequently in urban settings.  Since this roof was molded with a texture, this is a good way of getting by with very little work.  It was primered with Testors Ultra-Flat black (my black primer of choice) and then dry-brushed with various tans.  That's all.

..... and once again with the running rust technique, with the darker swathe at the base.  Can't go wrong with it.  Rural buildings are frequently made of flat or corrugated sheet metal that are exposed to the elements, leading to all kinds of wonderful and beautiful patters as nature attempts to reclaim the works of man.   And you thought this site wasn't "artsy"!    What???.....OH YEAH???  Well, SO'S YOUR OLD LADY!!!!

Y'know, at this point I have to give Mike a lot of credit.  He has a hell of a lot more patience for painting the basic areas of a model with the base color than I do.  All those little veggies.... what a pain, but worth it.  The fish were painted silver and inked with Windsor Newton Cobalt ink.  They came out really well!   The floor - dingy water wash over model railroad "concrete" paint again.