I can't believe it's been about nine years now.  Yup, you guessed it, there's gonna be a paragraph about "Back in the Day...".   Well, anyway, it was about 1998 or so, when my friend Chuck Sharpe (see modelling section) ran the first "Zombietown Massacre!" game, which has now become a local favorite and seasonal classic.  

The big "draws" to the Zombietown game that we run around Halloween time are the classic joke characters and the over-the-top grunge and scumbaggishness of the town itself. The place is a slum of comic proportions.  In all of gamerdom you will never find a more wretched hive of Scum and Villainy.  There have been several good "Urban" setups published in gaming magazines, but I wanted to show you all what a couple of guys can do painting on friday nights for a couple of months, and can accumulate over the course of several years.

Most of the shells used for the Zombietown buildings are O scale model railroad buildings.  We always glue them to a piece of styrene sheet to simulate a floor.  This makes the entire Zombietown setup easily storable and portable.  The whole thing sets up and breaks down in about an hour - perfect for our mobile Halloween game.

As the main point of this site is to show you how to do it yourself, I will be outlining ALL the individual locations in Zombietown and tell you how they were modelled.  I strongly urge you to check the main site article on the Running Rust Technique, as this is used frequently on these buildings.  Feel free to use these techniques  in your own Urban/Ultramodern/Post-Apocalyptic gaming.  No doubt you can create something as good or better with some patience, practice and diligence.  

But now .....   ON WITH THE SHOW!!!    Click the locations below to open up their individual web pages!   

How to make an awesome urban terrain setup